​                               TESTIMONIALS

I just want to share some inspiration with you. As some of you know, I have battled with the ups and downs of losing weight for quite some time. If you can relate, I am sure you know how difficult it can be to keep up with the consistency and determination it takes to overcome. A few years ago, I started visits with one of my mom's best friends & licensed nutritionist Judy Manisco. I needed the support more than anything. She helped me lose 85 lbs with guidance, motivation, education and support. I cannot even explain what a difference that made in my life. I resumed visits with her a month ago and am down another 11 lbs. The support I have obtained from Judy has been priceless and nothing else has made me happier than to be living healthy. I highly recommend anyone who needs nutritional guidance to consult with her. I will keep everyone updated on my progress. I am excited to finally overcome this tremendous obstacle of my life. If you feel like you don't know where to start, I can definitely promise you that feeling is only temporary. Just make the choice and believe in yourself. The control is in your hands and everyday that goes by as you become healthier, the strength that you start to feel is amazing♥
J.S. Lockport, IL

Hi Judy :)

I’m writing to just thank you once again for existing* and doing what you do. I’m so grateful to have met you, I still apply so much of what you taught me in my daily life. I feel so balanced. For over seven years now I haven’t taken a single rx drug for my thyroid or whatever else was coming up attached to that. I’ve maintained  a weight of 118 lbs for the last five years.  I have to tell you, every time I feel good, have my shake, etc…I send you love and light because you introduced me to it all and I have some of your tips and tricks still in my brain that i teach my daughter or other people about nutrition labels, counting, etc.
So basically, thank you, so much! You’re seriously awesome and I hope you’re doing and feeling amazing as well. I just wanted to reach out because it seems like every time I’ve wanted to, a year passes and I realize I didn’t! Ha!
B. N.  Chicago, IL

​ Judy, I am so grateful that I met you. I know with your help I will   climb the mountain of success! Thank you for being you! Being   supportive and I truly value you for it. I am very blessed to know   you and have you advise me in my health and future!!!
  C. G. Chicago, IL

  Thank you for giving the both of us a healthier life! 
  D.B & S.B.  Chicago, IL

 Yay, I lost 100 Pounds!  Been to so many other nutritionists,        just gave me a piece of paper and sent me on my way. Judy  created a 10 Page Eating Plan for me. That is how I lost all  this  weight! . 
 J. L Chicago, IL

 Judy helped me lower my blood sugar and improve my          thyroid function so I could loose those last stubborn 15 pounds
 H. S. Buffalo Grove, IL

 Two months ago my life was a mess. Twenty pounds down  later  I  am happy & secure. Judy is a miracle worker. She saved my life. I  just referred three co-workers to her.
 A. S. Grayslake, IL

 I needed to lose 25 pounds for my destination wedding,      November of 2014. Judy's initial directions & instructions were very effective, I lost a total of 30 pounds. She is the best in Chicago !  am so glad I found her. 
 J. M.  Chicago, IL

 I sent my niece to Judy after her surgery. She had developed  a  terrible skin condition. No one could help  her.  She was feeling  depressed and embarrassed to go out in  public.  Judy designed  a 28 Day, Elimination-Detox Plan for her.  Her skin is  now  radiant !
 F. J. Chicago, IL

 Judy rocks! I was in a tough spot.  As a male, I was way heavier  then I I wanted to be. Nervous about seeing  someone, I picked  up the phone and called her. I could tell after our phone  conversation she was the Dietitian for me. Judy is so caring &  excellent at what she does. I was comfortable with her the first  time we met. I always felt  good when I left her  office. She gave  me hope and  I lost 125 pounds!! She is funny, kind and get's the  job  done!  
 B. D. Evanston, IL

 I am an airline pilot..crazy schedule, but I lost 88 pounds.
 Thanks JEM !
 C. H. Michigan & Chicago, IL

 Thank you for making a  HUGE difference in my life
 A.O. Deerfield, IL

 Judy, Thank you so much for your expertise & support. I am    thrilled with the results and could not have done it without you!
 J. H. Chicago, IL