Judy E. Manisco, LDN is the founder and president  of 
  JEM Nutrition Services, a nutrition leader in the      
  Chicagoland are for over 19 years.

  Ms. Manisco was also voted one of the Best Nutrition and   Weight Loss Plans- Programs in Illinois by City Search     Chicago.

  Her unique approach  ranks her in the forefront of dietetics     known for giving & getting results! Judy is the creator of the   popular "Slimmer for Life" & "Healthier for Life" Nutrition   Plans-Programs.

 Judy earned her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition & Medical    Dietetics from Benedectine University and is a Licensed        Dietitian & Nutritionist in  the state of Illinois.Since the            company's inception in 1998, JEM Nutrition Services, has    helped  thousands of people reach their personal  nutrition  goals. 

 By bridging Conventional with Holistic & Integrated Nutrition  and through continuous education, research and            experience, Judy has amassed 30+years of extensive &  expert knowledge on the use of Vitamin, Mineral &  Herbal  Supplements. 


  • Moms, Dads & Children
  • Students
  • Educators
  • Physicians
  • Attorneys  
  • Accountants
  • Psychiatrists
  • Investment Bankers
  • Mercantile Traders
  • Web Designers
  • Police and Fire Staff
  • Clergy
  • Chefs
  • CEO
  • Sales Professionals
  • Advertising  Executives
  • Pro-Athletes
  • Celebrities and many other professions

  • B.D. of Evanston, IL Lost 125 Pounds 
  • T.G of Chicago, IL Decreased Glucose & Cholesterol Levels in Half
  • S.H. of Lincolnshire, IL Had a 20 pound  Weight Reduction via Correction of A Thyroid Imbalance
  • J.G. of Glenview, IL Identified Hidden Food Allergies &  Intolerances
  • M. M. of Chicago, IL Lost 33 pounds while on a VEGAN Diet
  • C. R. of Bridgeport IL Alleviated Psoriasis, Eczema &  Rosacea 
  • J.S. of Lockport, IL Lost 100 Pounds
  • C. F. of Phoenix Arizona, Alleviated Migraine Headaches
  • A. L. of Grayslake, IL Reversed Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Gastric Reflux

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   - The Chicago Tribune 
  -  Readers Digest 
  -  Health Magazine
   - Loyola University
   - Columbia College   
   - Art Institute Of Chicago
   - MEDILL News-Northwestern University
   - Today's Chicago Woman Magazine
   - Guest host on Health Radio, WYLL-Chicago
   - Guest Speaker on Radio, WGCI-Chicago

                  Nutrition Presentations

  - Whole Foods Market
  - Elmhurst College
  - The Macular Degeneration Society 
  - Northshore Integrative Medical Clinic
  - NBC-Chicago
  - Rehabilitation Institute Of Chicago (RIC)

                          Recreation Time

  - Cooking (taking traditional recipes and transforming to 
  - Baking (taking  traditional recipes and creating healthy)        - Reading  
  - Home Interior Design
  - Golfing
  - Biking
  - Hiking
  - Yoga
  - Weight Training 
  - Ballroom Dancing 
  - Broadway Shows & Music Concerts

   "Good Health Is Priceless"

   "The Key Is Balance"

  "Let's talk today, about how I can help you reach your   
   nutrition goals for tomorrow."

  Call 708-257-5541 or email JEMNutrition@aol.com to 
                schedule your Initial Consultation!


​                Judy E. Manisco, LDN
       Licensed Dietitian & Nutritionist
              Chicago & Deerfield, IL